Super Moist & Simple Banana Bread Recipe I Baked To Perfection!

30 minutes Cook

Have ripe or spotty bananas at home that you don’t want to consume? Make Banana breads out of them; you will thank me later!

It’s soft, moist, moderately sweetened (not overly), and an absolute delight. Banana bread with raisins and walnuts is my favorite recipe among all the other banana bread recipes I have tried because it always gives me tender and spongy results without difficulty.

Banana bread with raisins and walnut

My favorite part of the recipe is adding walnuts, raisins, and fruit candies (tutti-frutti) to the batter instead of chocolate.

Ripe and dry fruits are a great combination and accentuate each other’s flavor profile. But it’s alright if you want to skip them, the consistency and taste of your recipe will remain the same.

This banana bread recipe is moist, but not mushy which is very crucial when baking bread at home. How do we achieve that perfect consistency? Let’s get into the details.

Why You Will Love This Banana Raisin Walnut Bread Recipe?

  • It’s not overly sweet: For individuals who enjoy moderate sweetness in their bread recipes, this one is perfect for your taste buds. The recipe doesn’t use too much sugar and allows the banana’s true flavors to level up.
  • It uses leftovers/spotty bananas: I hate wasting food, but overly ripened bananas aren’t something I’m a big fan of. However, this recipe gives life and flavor to the spotty bananas.
  • Delicious: Of course, the texture is mouth-watering, but it’s the subtle flavors that win my heart every time I try this recipe. The flavors aren’t too loud or too muted; they are subtle and distinct.
  • Easy: This recipe is one of the easiest baking milestones I have achieved. It only took me 20 minutes to get the batter ready.
  • You don’t need to chill the batter: Baking bread is less time-consuming than baking cookies. You can directly pour the fresh dough into the bread mold.
  • Easy ingredients: Other than walnuts, tutti-frutti, and raisins; you only need basic baking ingredients.

Ingredients To Make Super Moist Banana Bread Recipe

Always measure your ingredients on a measuring scale if you are a beginner at baking.

  • 4 small or 3 big Ripened Bananas: The more spots, the better.
  • 113 grams (1 stick/ ½ cup) Unsalted Butter: Salted butter will disturb the overall flavors of your recipe. It’s better to keep unsalted butter at hand when baking.
Buttered banana bread
  • 150 grams (¾ cup) of white sugar: You don’t need brown sugar for this recipe, white sugar is enough.
  • Two eggs: Your first baking essential. Eggs add moisture to the batter, resulting in a moist bread. It also helps bind and thicken ingredients together.
  • 180 grams (1 and ½ cup) all-purpose flour.
  • One teaspoon baking soda: Skip baking powder for this recipe.
  • ½ teaspoon fine salt.
  • One teaspoon vanilla extract: I add ½ a spoon extra because I simply love Vanilla’s aroma. You can choose to go with only ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract for this recipe.
  • Toasted and crushed walnut: You can switch this dry fruit with something of your choice— roasted almonds, pistachios, or cashew nuts.
  • Raisins: Although you can absolutely skip these ingredients, I will suggest you rather keep it. It balances the moderate sweetness of your bread.
  • Tutti frutti: I chose red tutti frutti to surprise my hubby with romantic bread, but you can also go with colorful ones. Adding tutti frutti to your recipe also makes them perfect for banana Christmas bread or banana valentine bread.

How to Make Walnut Banana Bread Recipe?

Prep time: 20 minutes.
Baking time: 30 minutes.

Please note: When I tried the recipe for the first time, I was suggested 55-60 minutes. When in reality, my banana bread was ready within 30 minutes (at 350’F).

Thank god! I was skeptical and constantly checked on my bread in the oven. Pro-tip: Frequently check your banana bread in the oven to avoid burning your hard work.

Collect all your ingredients and get ready to bake!

1. Beat unsalted butter and white sugar together: Take a big bowl and beat unsalted butter and sugar together for this butter banana bread recipe Choose finely crushed sugar for a better batter.

2. In a separate bowl, mash the bananas. It should resemble baby food, not much perfection is required. Once you think it’s completely mashed, it probably is. You don’t need to over-mash your ripe bananas.

3. Add the mashed banana to your butter-sugar cream: Beat all the ingredients together until you have reached a thick but soft consistency.

4. Add in the eggs: Beat the eggs in the batter until it starts to rise slightly and is nectar-thick.

5. Next, add all-purpose flour, baking soda, and flour to the batter: Use a spatula to mix flour with the batter before you use an electric mixer. Using a hand spatula will ensure your flour doesn’t fly away at high speed.

6. Mix until everything’s bound well together: Your result will be a pudding-like consistency.

7. Add One teaspoon of vanilla extract and beat again for it to mix properly.

8. Add in walnuts, raisins, and tutti-frutti: Take a good amount of all these three ingredients, so you have them in every bite. Mix well!

9. Take an oven-friendly bread pan and butter it properly.

10. Sprinkle a bit of all-purpose flour on the pan and remove the excess flour by flipping it. This step ensures your bread doesn’t stick to the base.

11. Transfer your banana bread batter using a spatula and spread it evenly. Gently stroke the pan with the platform for the batter to sit without air gaps.

12. Garnish the batter with tutti-frutti/raisins/walnuts as a final finish.

13. Preheat your oven to 350’F (176’C). Use a thermometer to check the thermometer, you don’t want the oven to surpass the temperature, as it may burn your bread. It will take 2-3 minutes for the oven to reach that temp.

14. Place your pan inside the oven and set the timer for 30 minutes at 350’F (176 C). You don’t want to place it too far in the back; it may burn the sides. Instead, place it in the center or at the front.

Banana bread batter

15. Check the bread constantly and turn off the oven once your bread turns a gorgeous shade of golden brown. Also, use a knife/pin to check whether the insides have been baked to perfection as well.

16. You don’t have to wait until the timer is up if your bread has already turned brown. Take the pan out and let it cool down.

17. Use a knife to separate the bread away from the sides. The bread will come out naturally. Don’t slice it right away. Instead, let it cool down completely to avoid crumbling the bread.

18. Once cool, your delicious, moist, and soft banana bread is ready to serve!

Banana raisins walnut bread

FAQs For Banana Bread Recipes

1. Can I make banana bread with frozen bananas?

Yes, you can use frozen bananas for this recipe, but ensure you thaw them before mashing them.

2. Can you freeze the banana bread batter?

Yes, you can freeze the banana bread batter using a zip-lock bag or directly in a freezer-safe pan. To freeze in a pan, grease the pan completely, pour the batter, and secure it with an aluminum foil.

For best results, thaw the batter before baking it.

3. Can you use bread flour for banana bread?

Yes, but your banana bread won’t turn out the same; it will be heavier and less soft. Use yeast and additional bananas to soften the batter. I will still recommend you get all-purpose flour instead of substituting it with bread flour.

4. Can you use banana bread with no baking powder?

Yes, use baking soda instead.

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